First Section: Manages the general funeral and burial item.

Handles the copy clerk, the teller, General affairs item and environmental sanitation,etc.

Second Section: The tower item and so on maintenance 

Third Section: Manages cremation, changes burial sites and the public cemetery 

Accounting Office: Legally handles the year's accounts,accounting items, and handles the statistics 

Personnel Office: Legally handles the personnel management items 

The attitude of our compatriots toward death has changed greatly, and because of the government places importance on it, the funeral service becomes one of the key items of government administration. As time goes by, the population continue to grow with speed, and people laid more emphasis on the environment protection issues. The oversimplified facilities do not meet the masses’s needs. We addresses reformation solutions to plan the development of all aspects of funeral services and facilities which will lead the funeral service development to variety, more environment protection considered and enterprise-oriented. 

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